Special issue

Agricultural and Food Science (AFSci) will publish Special Issue entitled "Northern Agriculture in Changing Climate" in early 2020. You are welcome to submit Articles, Reviews, and Research Notes for this special issue. The issue is targeted to increase our knowledge about the means of agriculture to contribute to the fight against climate change or adapting to it in the northern areas. Your submission may deal e.g. the following topics: 

  • Modelling the impacts of climate change on agriculture
  • Means to control the increasing weather risk in agriculture
  • New crops for warmer boreal regions
  • Carbon neutral agriculture
  • Opportunities to improve carbon binding in agriculture
  • Land use and cultivation techniques in climate change mitigation
  • Animal nutrition and breeding as a tool for reducing emissions
  • Productivity and profitability of climate-friendly farming
  • Economic incentives for reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture
  • Climatic effects of changes in food consumption habits
  • Climate change: social impacts and knowledge transfer to farmers 

As an Open Access journal, AFSci offers you a great possibility to share your ideas and research findings with the broad scientific community. If you are interested in contributing for Special Issue, please, submit your article online at https://journal.fi/afs/about/submissions by June 30, 2019.

The general Author Guidelines of AFSci are valid in Special Issue. The submissions will be peer- reviewed according to the established practice in AFSci (https://www.tsv.fi/en/services/label-for-peer-reviewed-scholarly-publications). For any questions related to Special Issue, please, do not hesitate to contact the editor and let her also know about your intentions to submit a paper to the issue (editor@afsci.fi).