Information For Authors

The journal "Architectural Research in Finland" is serving an academic publishing  forum to the research field  covering a variety of scales from technical details to global issues of urban and regional development. Architectural research  is interdisciplinary by nature, covering technical sciences on construction and digital tools, social sciences on urbanism, environmental sciences on the impacts of urbanization and on landscape, and humanities on the history and theory of architecture. In addition to this, architecture as an art and design practice is more and more used as a research method on its own, as arts-based research or research by design.

The papers published as articles in the journal are treated fairly and equally and with academic rigour, by  reviewers on doctoral level,  in order to provide a respectable forum for publishing new results of architectural research in Finland, as well as critical debate on the contemporary issues relevant to architecture.

 For the submissions

 The authors of new submissions are using the template for the next issue, which can be downloaded from this address

 Please follow the guidelines  for font sizes etc. given  in the template carefully.  Specifically take into consideration Harvard Referencing Guide the journal is using.