<i>Telmatophilus</i> Heer, 1841 (Coleoptera: Cryptophagidae) of western Palaearctic region

  • José Carlos Otero


Three species of Telmatophilus Heer, 1841 in the Western Palaearctic Region are revised. Basing on studies of the types of the species, Telmatophilus brevicollis Aubé, 1862, T. caricis (Olivier, 1790) and T. typhae (Fallén, 1802) are redescribed. Two new synonymies are established: Cryptophagus sparganii Ahrens, 1812 = Telmatophilus caricis (Olivier, 1790) and Cryptophagus schonherrii Gyllenhal, 1808 = Telmatophilus typhae (Fallén, 1802). Species are redefined according to their morphology, including that of the genitalia. A key of the studied species is included.
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Otero, J. C. (2012). <i>Telmatophilus</i&gt; Heer, 1841 (Coleoptera: Cryptophagidae) of western Palaearctic region. Entomologica Fennica, 23(3), 113–120. https://doi.org/10.33338/ef.6897