Tekoälyn yhteiskehittäminen julkisella sektorilla

  • Jari Autioniemi Vaasan yliopisto
Avainsanat: artificial intelligence, public administration, public innovation, co-creation


Artificial intelligence co-creation in the public sector

This article assesses the steps of AI co-creation in the public innovation ecosystem. However, in order to understand AI in the right context, two aims need to be fulfilled first. The limits and possibilities of AI in public administration are assessed by examining the contributions of AI research, phenomenology and philosopher Hubert Dreyfus. According to the article, the simpler the rules, the better for AI. Therefore, hierarchical and bureaucratic structures are best for AI application. However, bureaucratic structures are poor in innovating and exploration
– AI innovations included. After this, co-creation is introduced as a way of innovating AI in the public sector. For identifying new opportunities for co-production, different forms of cross-sectoral and citizen involvement are needed.

syys 13, 2020