Hallinnon Tutkimus https://journal.fi/hallinnontutkimus <p>Hallinnon Tutkimus on neljästi vuodessa ilmestyvä tieteellinen aikakauslehti.</p> Hallinnon Tutkimus Seura fi-FI Hallinnon Tutkimus 0359-6680 Lobbareita, tiedontuottajia ja heiluvia pyöröovia https://journal.fi/hallinnontutkimus/article/view/130509 Jari Autioniemi Copyright (c) 2023 Hallinnon Tutkimus 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 42 4 483 484 10.37450/ht.130509 Julkisesta arvosta sekä sen luomisesta ja kokemisesta https://journal.fi/hallinnontutkimus/article/view/131751 Harri Jalonen Copyright (c) 2023 Hallinnon Tutkimus 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 42 4 389–391 389–391 10.37450/ht.131751 Yhteistyöverkostot vuorovaikutuksen vaihtoalueina perhesosiaalityön ja lastensuojelun sosiaalityön palvelutarpeen arvioinnissa https://journal.fi/hallinnontutkimus/article/view/117117 <p style="font-weight: 400;"><strong>Trading zones as a social network in the field of social work with children and families</strong></p> <p style="font-weight: 400;">This article focuses on social networks in child and family social work. Networks were analysed from the point of view of a trading zone and theory of network management. Data was collected from social welfare case file documents of 265 children and their families. Networks were examined in the documents based on the social worker’s assessment of the needs of children and families. The results show the links between face-to-face communication and verbal and written communication. The multi-agency networks are broad and multifaceted, consisting of actors in and outside social and health organisations. In short, the results indicate the importance of knowing the network structures in social welfare and using this information at the client level and in the leadership and management of social welfare organisations.</p> Marianne Maksniemi Taru Kekoni Riitta Vornanen Copyright (c) 2023 Hallinnon Tutkimus 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 42 4 392–407 392–407 10.37450/ht.117117 Varhaiskasvatuksen valvonta osana julkista johtamista – Yksityisen varhaiskasvatuksen valvojien näkökulmia valvontaan ja tehtävän vaatimiin kompetensseihin kunnissa https://journal.fi/hallinnontutkimus/article/view/120571 <p><strong>Supervision of early childhood education and care (ECEC) as a part of public management – perspectives of private ECEC supervisors on supervision and the competences required by the task in municipalities</strong></p> <p>The supervision of private ECEC became a new profession requiring specialisation. This study examines the perspectives of supervisors on their role and the competence required by it. The theoretical framework draws from research on public administration and management and on early childhood education management and competence. The data was collected with a questionnaire that received 43 responses. A qualitative analysis was carried out and categories were formed from the perspectives presented. The results emphasise subjective competences such as knowledge base and interaction skills. The key perspectives to the work were standards-based and partner-oriented perspectives. In supervision, different perspectives and the competences required by them are seen as interconnected and continuously interacting with each other.</p> Marja-Liisa Keski-Rauska Marjo Mäntyjärvi Copyright (c) 2023 Hallinnon Tutkimus 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 42 4 408 423 10.37450/ht.120571 Miesten kokema selektiivinen loukkaava käyttäytyminen naisvaltaisilla aloilla https://journal.fi/hallinnontutkimus/article/view/111815 <div><strong><span lang="EN-US">Selective incivility experienced by males in female-dominated fields</span></strong></div> <div><span lang="EN-US">Workplace incivility has attracted an increasing attention among scholars. Nevertheless, extant research on selective incivility has mostly focused on the female gender and male-dominated fields. To fill the obvious research gap, in this study men working in female-dominated occupations were asked to anonymously write about their personal experiences of workplace incivility. Based on the empirical analysis, the workplace incivility experienced by the informants can be grouped to five main categories: humiliating acts, exclusion, unreasonable demands, violating norms, and accusing. The analysis suggests that the nature of workplace incivility reported by men in this study is similar to that experienced by women as reported in previous studies. Therefore, it seems that workplace incivility often targets those representing the minority gender on fields dominated by the other gender. Interestingly, based on this study, the acts of workplace incivility often derive from gender norms and</span></div> Anna Kivimäki Tomi Kallio Annika Blomberg Copyright (c) 2023 Hallinnon Tutkimus 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 42 4 424–439 424–439 10.37450/ht.111815 Rehtorien toimijuus johtamisen tavoitteissa ja käytännöissä https://journal.fi/hallinnontutkimus/article/view/122500 <p style="font-weight: 400;"><strong>Principals' agency in leadership goals and practice</strong></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">This interview study examines the leadership goals and practices embodied in principals' professional agency. The framework of the study consists of agency and broad-based pedagogical leadership. The analysis used data- and theory-based content analysis. Based on the data three leadership styles embodying agency were created: survival, construction and development leadership style. The study shows that in all leadership styles, agency does not manifest itself as broad-based pedagogical leadership. This is due to the concentration of the leadership style in the day-to-day management of maintaining school activities. However, the realization of broad-based pedagogical leadership requires management of the symbolic and cultural sphere as well. Examining agency as a part of broad-based pedagogical leadership shows that leadership must be constantly developed.</span></p> Inkeri Lahti Mirjamaija Mikkilä-Erdmann Tuike Iiskala Copyright (c) 2023 Hallinnon Tutkimus 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 42 4 440–454 440–454 10.37450/ht.122500 Häpeä organisaatioilmiönä – satunnainen tunnekokemus vai systemaattinen vallan ja sosiaalisen kontrollin mekanismi? https://journal.fi/hallinnontutkimus/article/view/111896 <p><strong>Shame in organisations: an occasional emotional experience or a systemic mechanism of power and social control?</strong></p> <p>The emotion of shame in the context of organisations is still scarcely studied, and the current research on the topic is incoherent. This study employs qualitative metasynthesis (Walsh &amp; Downe 2005) as a literature review method to construct more consistent information about the role of shame in publicly funded organisations. The results show that shame in organisation studies can be treated as a random emotional experience or interpersonal issue. However, shame can also be treated as a systemic mechanism of power and control coercing compliance with organisational, institutional and political standards and norms. The study makes use of three levels of analysis to understand how employees’ shame is constructed and utilised: micro, meso and macro. It also suggests separating the emotion of humiliation from shame when studying the use of power in organisations.</p> Ella Autti Marjo Suhonen Ville Pietiläinen Copyright (c) 2023 Hallinnon Tutkimus 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 42 4 455 473 10.37450/ht.111896 Systeeminen kehittyminen perusopetuksen digitalisaation hallinnan tavoitteeksi https://journal.fi/hallinnontutkimus/article/view/127385 Kimmo Huttu Copyright (c) 2023 Hallinnon Tutkimus 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 42 4 474 478 10.37450/ht.127385 Hyvinvointialuevalmistelu tarjosi edellytyksiä uusien dynaamisten kyvykkyyksien syntymiselle ja kehittymiselle https://journal.fi/hallinnontutkimus/article/view/129099 Juha Post Copyright (c) 2023 Hallinnon Tutkimus 2023-09-28 2023-09-28 42 4 479–482 479–482 10.37450/ht.129099