The Dawn of Everything: Social Science with a Mission



The Dawn of Everything is a general-audience social science book with a mission. In a nutshell, the book argues against evolutionary accounts that view  societal development as a trade-off involving increased social complexity, increased social control, and the loss of egalitarian ideals. Since Rousseau’s Social Contract, Graeber and Wengrow argue, Western thought has followed a ‘myth’ which sees inequality and coercion as necessary byproducts of the transition to higher states of civilisation. Laying out a broad array of recent archaeological and classic anthropological evidence, the authors argue that unilineal accounts of world history ignore too much evidence to the contrary to be convincing.

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Eräsaari, M. (2023). The Dawn of Everything: Social Science with a Mission. Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society, 47(3), 93–94.