Kasvu pedagogiseen johtamiseen


  • Vesa Nissinen


osaamisen johtaminen, pedagoginen johtajuus, pedagoginen prosessi, palautetyökalut, syväjohtaminen, sotilaspedagogiikka


THE GROWTH FOR PEDAGOGICAL LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT The Finnish Defense Forces (FDF) has strong values and democratic educational traditions, which support the development of Pedagogical Leadership and Management (PLM). In short, the PLM focuses on learning and personal development in the military training context. Through the PLM, the maximum action competence needed in the battle can be created and maintained. In the FDF, every leader and manager should be able to act according to the principles of PLM. The concept of the PLM in the military can be built through three dimensions, which are pedagogical leadership, pedagogical management and pedagogical tools. Pedagogical leadership and leader development can be approach through the framework of Deep Leadership. Pedagogical management focuses on the systematic process of learning at unit level, in which individual level learning, team level learning and unit level learning formulate a strong developmental process over one year. Pedagogical tools are tools of feedback and evaluation. They appear at individual as well as at team and unit level. Through the systematic use of these tools it is possible to follow results over a time span. To be able to grow for the PLM is not easy, because it contains a paradox in between humble and self-confident personality. You have to be humble in front of feedback. At the same time, you should be self-confident in order to maintain a positive picture of yourself. In the peace time military training environment, it is vital that we are able to learn as much as we can about the PLM and bring it to the practice every day. It is the only mean we have in the way for the goal of learning organization we want to be in the FDF. Artikkeli on suomen kielellä ja luettavissa painetussa julkaisussa Tiede ja ase 65 (hinta 20 €). Julkaisun voi tilata Tiedekirjasta sähköpostitse tiedekirja@tsv.fi tai verkkokaupasta www.tiedekirja.fi

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Vesa Nissinen





Nissinen, V. (2008). Kasvu pedagogiseen johtamiseen. Tiede ja ase, 65. Noudettu osoitteesta https://journal.fi/ta/article/view/393