Suomalaisen johtajan 360-johtajaprofiili


  • Tommi Kinnunen


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THE FINNISH LEADER’S 360 DEGREE LEADERSHIP PROFILES This article is a survey of the Finnish leaders’ 360 degree leadership profiles, which have been collected with the questionnaire developed by the JTO School of Management. In addition to the leaders themselves, their colleagues, their subordinates and their superiors answered to the same questions. The research material was collected during the years 1989 - 2007. There were altogether 32 524 leadership profiles. The leadership profiles were collected from the leaders of the Finnish companies. On the basis of the research material the Finnish leaders´ underestimated their leadership of the matters and overestimated their leadership of the people. It was noticed that the leaders underestimated especially the sectors of the wholeness and execution of the management. The leaders overestimated especially the sectors of the ethical foundation of the management and of social flexibility. The head dimensions of the 360 questionnaire developed until the year 2004 as a rule after which significant statistically weakening was manifested with all the head dimensions. The more detailed examination of the leadership profiles showed that during the years 1989 - 2007 the biggest development happened in the sectors of the execution, of the understanding of the people, of development / a care and the mental flexibility with Finnish leaders. During the years 2002 - 2004 there was the statistically significant weakening almost in every sector. There has been significant development after this only in three sectors. In the young leaders’ (under 35-year-old) and the experienced leaders’ comparison the leadership profiles of the young leaders´ were better in other estimates. Except for the wholeness of the management and except the social flexibility sectors, the leadership profiles was better with experienced leaders´ when the self-estimates was compared. In the comparison of the women’s and men’s leadership profiles the women were statistically extremely significantly better in every sectors when other people estimated the leadership behaviour. The men´s leadership profiles were mainly better in self-evaluation. One possibility to develope leadership skills would be to adopt a new superior roles. The personality of every human being has become unique as the result of the long individual development and it is difficult to change it but based on the 360 evaluation the leaders´ can develope their leadership profiles and this way change and develope their actual leadership behaviour. Artikkeli on suomen kielellä ja luettavissa painetussa julkaisussa Tiede ja ase 65 (hinta 20 €). Julkaisun voi tilata Tiedekirjasta sähköpostitse tai verkkokaupasta

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Tommi Kinnunen





Kinnunen, T. (2008). Suomalaisen johtajan 360-johtajaprofiili. Tiede ja ase, 65. Noudettu osoitteesta