Vaarantaako suomalaisyritysten varastonhallinta kansallisen huoltovarmuuden?

  • Kari Huolila
  • Lauri Ojala
Avainsanat: huoltovarmuus, teollisuuden varastonhallinta, teollisuuden toimitusvarmuus, varastoinnin tunnusluvut


Security of Supply comprises all the operations which are carried out in order to secure economic necessities relating both to the population’s subsistence, to a nation’s economy, and to national defense in unusual conditions. The Finnish model of Security of Supply is based on cooperation of administrations and business life. The network is formed by different industries, administrative sectors and industry organizations. As a result of an increase in the general influence of business life, its significance as a contributor of Security of Supply has also enhanced. In this research the importance of industrial enterprises’ inventory management and its influence on national Security of Supply is discussed. The discussion and conclusions are based on key ratios which are calculated from industry-level inventory statistical data on Finnish manufacturing as a whole and on two of its sub-sectors between 1995 and 2008. By analyzing selected key inventory ratios, such as Days of Supply and Inventory Cycle Times, the influence of inventory management on national Security of Supply is assessed. Based on industry-level inventory statistics, manufacturing firms’ inventory ratios indicated no changes which would considerably undermine Finland’s national Security of Supply, but results vary by industry. More detailed analyses on the criticality of supply and inventories would require studies on the level of individual companies, product categories or even items. The full text is in Finnish. Artikkeli on suomenkielinen.

Kirjoittajien biografiat

Kari Huolila
Kari Huolila on KTM ja toiminut tutkimusapulaisena Turun kauppakorkeakoulussa.
Lauri Ojala
Lauri Ojala on KTT ja Turun yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulun logistiikan professori sekä Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulun logistiikan dosentti.
Huolila, K., & Ojala, L. (2011). Vaarantaako suomalaisyritysten varastonhallinta kansallisen huoltovarmuuden?. Tiede Ja Ase, 68. Noudettu osoitteesta