AIKA TIKITTÄÄ JOHTAJALLE, VOIKO KIIREESSÄ KEHITTYÄ? – Johtajuuden tiimalasi syväjohtamisen jatkomallina


  • Laura Valli Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu


syväjohtaminen, muutos, kehittyminen, johtajuuden tiimalasi


Leadership is challenging and time-consuming. It takes more than a leader and a follower. In this article, the concept of the transformational leadership has been approached with a qualitative, abductive view. The article is based on the author’s Master’s thesis study for the Department of Management Studies at the University of Tampere. The Finnish Defence Forces has used the model of deep leadership, based on the transformational leadership, for a decade with controversial results. The main focus is on exploring the ways the instructors, who train conscripts, use the deep leadership model when they are evolving their own leadership skills. The results of the qualitative study suggest that the instructors need more support and guidance than they feel they are receiving from their superiors. Tight schedules, spatial factors and the shortage of resources available cause lack of motivation, when it comes to improving as a leader. The study’s conclusions can be presented in the hourglass model of leadership. This on the other hand brings up the questions of are The Finnish Defence Forces implementing an unsuitable leadership model or should the idea of leadership be reconsidered instead. Critical approach should be considered as one possible tool for renewing the deep leadership model.

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Laura Valli, Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu

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Valli, L. (2012). AIKA TIKITTÄÄ JOHTAJALLE, VOIKO KIIREESSÄ KEHITTYÄ? – Johtajuuden tiimalasi syväjohtamisen jatkomallina. Tiede Ja Ase, 69. Noudettu osoitteesta