Rauhanturvaajien kokemuksia kotiinpaluusta ja keinoja muutoksenhallintaan

  • Ulla Anttila


The article elaborates peacekeepers’ experiences from homecoming and during the time since it in the framework of resilience and action competence. The research questions focus on, what kind of experiences peacekeepers have after homecoming and how their homecoming and adaptation to everyday life can be facilitated. The focus groups of the study (n = 41) consist of recently returned peacekeeping veterans, peer volunteers of the phone aid line for peacekeepers, and veterans, who have become disabled or suffer from a mental disorder due to their duties in military crisis management. Research methods of the study rely on qualitative interviews and complementary surveys. According to the results, after homecoming the veterans need capacity for change management, even though the change management processes vary individually. Further development of the services for returned peacekeeping veterans and their families would be needed, and the results are beneficial for developing these services. Understanding for the significance of change management is important for the support of peacekeepers and their families and for soldiers’ education and training. Due to the limited sizes of the samples, further research on the topic would be needed.

Anttila, U. (2019). Rauhanturvaajien kokemuksia kotiinpaluusta ja keinoja muutoksenhallintaan. Tiede Ja Ase, 2019(1). Noudettu osoitteesta https://journal.fi/ta/article/view/88688