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Trust in crisis

Conspiracy mentality, lack of trust and religiosity predicted conspiracy beliefs about COVID-19 in a Norwegian sample



Covid-19, Social trust, Conspirecy beliefs, Conspiracy mentality, Meaningfulness, COVID-stress, Meaning


Crises are associated with a search for meaning and security. In recent years, they have also been associated with increased attention to conspiracy theories. Such theories about COVID-19 have been many. We have looked at several COVID-specific conspiracy theories and their relation to a number of other factors, including religiosity in a highly educated Norwegian convenience sample (n=1225). Conspiracy mentality, lack of trust, and religiosity were directly associated with conspiracy beliefs about COVID-19, whereas self-reported stress and negative emotions related to the pandemic had only small, indirect effects. Unlike previous research findings, we found no effect of gender or age.

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Dyrendal, A., & Hestad, K. (2021). Trust in crisis: Conspiracy beliefs about COVID-19 predicted on the basis of conspiracy mentality, lack of trust, and religiosity in a Norwegian sample. Approaching Religion, 11(2), 98–114.