From church to museum and back again

The de-sacralization and re-sacralization of Kinnarumma's old wooden church



religious heritage, Church history, wooden churches in Sweden, desacralization, resacralization


In the small village of Kinnarumma in western Sweden an old wooden church was replaced by a new church buildning in the early twentieth century. The old church was de-sacralized by being moved to an open-air museum in Borås and used there for exhibitions and the storage of museum objects. The need for more church premises in the city led to the re-sacralization of the old church in 1930. The transition of Kinnarumma’s old wooden church to museum object, its museumification, was an expression of change in religious heritage, and its re-sacralization expressed an unchanged part of the same heritage.




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Andersson, E. J. (2023). From church to museum and back again: The de-sacralization and re-sacralization of Kinnarumma’s old wooden church. Approaching Religion, 13(2), 106–115.