Research on Pentecostalism in Sweden

  • Jan-Åke Alvarsson Uppsala University
Keywords: Pentecostalism, Christianity, Scandinavia, Sweden, Revivals, Baptists, Word of Life Foundation (Uppsala, Sweden), Livets ord, Missions -- Sweden


This article aims to orientate and introduce potential researchers into Swedish Pentecostal movements, or those who wish to provide an overview of Scandinavian Christianity, by giving a brief summary of the history of Pentecostalism in Sweden and an overview of the main academic monographs that have been produced on this particular branch of Christianity. The idea is to highlight areas where we find relevant research and to point to areas into which there has been little or no investigation. Following, by way of introduction, a brief historical sketch, there is a note on spirituality before we are given a review of some thirty major academic works on the subject that a potential researcher would need to take into consideration.
May 26, 2015
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Alvarsson, J.- Åke. (2015). Research on Pentecostalism in Sweden. Approaching Religion, 5(1), 16-30.