The service to all new Russian saints

Performance through associations


  • Victoria Legkikh University of Vienna


hymnography, source study, Russian saints, Macarius Councils


The feast of all the saints who illuminated the land of Russia was established after the Macarius councils in 1547 and in 1549, and by the early 1550s. a monk of the Saviour-Euthymius monastery in Suzdal, Grigoriy, composed a service. The service is built according to chant models predominantly using Russian saints. It uses both direct borrowing with adaptation and creating according to a model. We can say that this service is a typical demonstration of the way in which hymnographical sequences were compiled in the 16th century. This report examines the sources and methods used by Grigoriy to create this service, analysing all the hymns of the small and great vespers.

Peer-reviewed Articles
Nov 30, 2020

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Legkikh, Victoria. 2020. “The Service to All New Russian Saints: Performance through Associations”. Journal of the International Society for Orthodox Music 4 (2):211-42.