Orthodox Chant in Portugal today: Project presentation

I Introduction. Orthodoxy in Portugal. The scope of the project


  • Svetlana Poliakova Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Portugal, Orthodox chant, project, history


This is a pioneering project with the objectives of creating an overall panorama of the expressions of Orthodox chant in Portugal, in a plurality of contexts, and of establishing specific strategies for future projects. In this first phase, this is carried out through research into the historical, patrological, iconographical, sociological, stylistic and performance aspects; through the performance of monophonic and polyphonic repertoire from many different places; through the creation of new repertoire, with particular emphasis on the work of Fr Ivan Moody; through the preparation and publication of a set of scores, with texts in Portuguese and/or in transliteration (From Greek or Slavonic) of the fixed parts of the Liturgy, Vespers and Matins, the Sunday Octoechos and the propers for the most important feasts (what will be new in these publications, in comparison with extant editorial practices, is the bringing together of repertoires from the Churches of several countries and different stylistic tendencies); and through the liturgical use of the repertoire being researched, performed in concert, prepared for publication and composed: this initiative began with Vespers celebrated by Fr Ivan Moody with the choir of the parish of St John the Russian, Estoril (Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople), with the participation of the Pravoslava chamber choir. The project involves various elements of Portuguese society – the academic community, members of parishes (priests and singers from the Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Serbian churches in Lisbon), and also external collaboration with a researcher from Athens and a graphic designer in London.

Conference Papers: Sounds of the Holy, Joensuu 2019



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