Stellaria nemorum on the Åland Islands, SW Finland

  • Ralf Carlsson
  • Carl-Adam Hæggström


TheWood Stitchwort (Stellaria nemorum) is common in most parts of Scandinavia and Finland. However, until now only two finds, one in Sund and one in Hammarland, are known from the Åland Islands.We found it on a new locality in Sund in 2008. Stellaria nemorum grows along a brook where vegetative shoots onlywere seen.We re-visited the locality in Hammarland, but the species could not be found by us.We noted that these two localities are similar, with moving soil water. The soil of the new locality was studied for pH and exchangeable macronutrients. The accompanying vascular plant flora was annotated. The dispersal of S. nemorum and the common species S. graminea and S. media is briefly discussed.
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