Opiliones new to Finland and an updated checklist

  • Annika Uddström Finnish Environment Institute, Natural Environment Centre
  • Veikko Rinne Zoological Museum, University of Turku
  • Timo Pajunen Finnish Museum of Natural History, Zoological Museum


Finnish Opiliones have been studied as a part of the research programme of deficiently known and threatened forest species (PUTTE) since 2012. During the project, several species new to Finland have been found and some errors in former checklists Heinäjoki 1944, Stol 2007) discovered. Prior to the project, 12 Opiliones species were reported from Finland, the number now being 15. Here we present additions and changes with the updated checklist (Table 1.).
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Uddström, A., Rinne, V., & Pajunen, T. (2013). Opiliones new to Finland and an updated checklist. Memoranda Societatis Pro Fauna Et Flora Fennica, 890. Retrieved from https://journal.fi/msff/article/view/40880