Taxonomic corrections and new records in vascular plants of Kyrgyzstan, 2


  • Alexander N. Sennikov Finnish Museum of Natural History (Botany), University of Helsinki & Herbarium, Komarov Botanical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Georgy A. Lazkov Laboratory of Flora, Institute of Biology and Soil Science, Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences


A series of notes on distribution, taxonomy, morphology and nomenclature of some vascular plants in Kyrgyzstan is presented. One transfer in Lamiaceae, Betonica betoniciflora is proposed because of priority under the current phylogeny; a white-flowered form is described within this species. Youngia serawschanica (Crepidifolium serawschanicum) is moved to Crepidiastrum, following the phylogenetic studies in Cichorieae. The only species of the former genus Modestia, M. darwasica is transferred to Jurinea because of its nested position in the molecular phylogeny. Jurinea sect. Anacantha is proposed for the placement of this species in the system of Jurinea. Modestia jucunda, M. mira and M. pteroclada are established as new synonyms of Jurinea darwasica. New substitute names Phlomoides codonantha and P. deserticola, new combinations P. dshungarica and P. karatavica, and three new sectional names are proposed in connection with the synonymization of Eremostachys and Paraeremostachys with Phlomoides. Fritillaria ferganensis is resurrected from the synonymy of F. walujewii; an identification key is provided, and the distributions of both species in Kyrgyzstan are mapped. Lectotypes are designated for Crepis distincta and Fritillaria walujewii. Allium setifolium is new to Ili Ala-Too, Arctium echinopifolium (Hypacanthium echinopifolium) to Kyrgyz Range, Saussurea vvedenskyi to Talas Ala-Too, Hypopitys hypophegea to Chatkal Range. Rhaponticum namanganicum is recorded on the S side of Chatkal Range, extending the distribution area southwards.





Sennikov, A. N., & Lazkov, G. A. (2013). Taxonomic corrections and new records in vascular plants of Kyrgyzstan, 2. Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica, 890. Noudettu osoitteesta