The genus Papaver in the Åland Islands, SW Finland


  • Carl-Adam Hæggström University of Helsinki


Eight taxa of the genus Papaver have been found in the Åland Islands, SW Finland. All of them have been more or less rare, from the first observation in 1863 to the most recent one in 2019. Papaver argemone, P. dubium subsp. dubium and P. rhoeas are partly arable field weeds, partly ruderal plants. Of these, P. dubium subsp. dubium has been found in arable fields at the estate of Bolstaholm in the municipality of Geta on several occasions between 1875 and 2004. The other two have been found as arable field weeds in a few places during rather short periods only. P. croceum, P. orientale, P. pseudoorientale and P. somniferum are ornamental plants which are also found as garden escapes in ruderal sites. P. dubium subsp. lecoqii has been found only once as a ruderal plant. The observations of each taxon are briefly treated.

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Carl-Adam Hæggström, University of Helsinki

Finnish Museum of Natural History





Hæggström, C.-A. (2019). The genus Papaver in the Åland Islands, SW Finland. Memoranda Societatis Pro Fauna Et Flora Fennica, 95, 100–112. Noudettu osoitteesta