Dr Riikka Kyrö, Faculty of Engineering at Lund University (LTH), riikka.kyro[at]gmail.com

Riikka Kyrö is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University (LTH), Sweden. Dr Kyrö earned an MSc in Real Estate Economics in 2005 from the Helsinki University of Technology and a DrSc (Tech) in Real Estate Business in 2013 from the Aalto University School of Engineering. Dr Kyrö has published over 30 academic articles in scientific journals including Building and Environment, Energy and Buildings, Environmental Research Letters, Facilities, Journal of Facilities Management, Sustainability, Technology Innovation Management Review, and various conference proceedings. She has refereed articles for high-impact journals including Building Research and Information, Facilities, and Global Environmental Change.

Review Board

NJSR wishes to acknowledge the following reviewers for their valuable contribution to the latest volumes:

  • Dr Omkolade Akinsomi, Senior Lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand
  • Dr Ari Ekroos, Professor in Environmental Law, Aalto University
  • Dr Heidi Falkenbach, Assistant Professor in Real Estate Economics, Aalto University
  • Dr Morten Hartvigsen, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, FAO
  • Dr Juhana Hiironen, Aalto University
  • Dr Ľubica Hudecová, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU)
  • MSc Ari Laitala, Aalto University
  • Dr Hans Lind, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Dr Gaetano Lisi, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
  • Dr Siim Maasikamäe, Associate Professor, Estonian University of Life Sciences
  • Dr Vince Mangioni, Associate Professor in Property Economics and Development, UTS
  • Dr Jesper Paasch, Senior Lecturer in Land Administration and Management, University of Gävle
  • Dr Aune Rummukainen, Principal Lecturer, Lapland University of Applied Sciences
  • Dr Erik Stubkjær, Emeritus Professor, Aalborg University
  • Dr Saija Toivonen, Lecturer in Real Estate Economics, Aalto University
  • Dr Pekka Vilska, Maanmittaustieto
  • Dr Arvo Vitikainen, Emeritus Professor in Land Management, Aalto University

NJSR currently recruits new reviewers. The reviewer should have expertise and a doctoral degree in surveying, real estate, or other built environment related field. If you meet the criteria and are interested in becoming a reviewer for NJSR, please contact the Editor-in-chief: riikka.kyro[at]aalto.fi.

Advisory Board

  • Kalle Konttinen, National Land Survey of Finland
  • Jani Hokkanen, National Land Survey of Finland
  • Pia Korba, Aalto University
  • Karin Kolis, Aalto University
  • Ari Laitala, SYKLI Environmental School of Finland
  • Saija Toivonen, Aalto University
  • Eero Valtonen, Aalto University

Technical Editor

Arto Tenkanen


The Finnish Society of Built Environment Research (formerly the Finnish Society of Surveying Sciences) dates back to 1926, and recently celebrated its 90th year in operation. The Society has published the Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research (NJSR) since the 1980s. In 2003, the NJSR became an Open Access online journal. In addition to the journal, the Society organizes an annual seminar in Helsinki, Finland.

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