Road Management in Denmark and Sweden

A comparison and analysis of institutional designs

  • Peter Ekbäck Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
  • Finn Kjaer Christensen Land Management, Aalborg university
Keywords: road management, institutional design, national roads, municipal roads, private roads, real property law


Management of roads and the institutional solution chosen is dependent on a number of factors – regulatory tradition, road network scale etc. It is likely that some solutions are more efficient than others, and in this article the Danish and Swedish institutional solutions regarding road management are compared an analysed. The aim is to explore and briefly evaluate the systems in terms of economic efficiency. It is observed that the chosen solutions on national and municipal level are much alike and appears efficient. However, for common private roads, the institutional designs are very different and seem to be based on two diametrically contrasting views on how to govern this kind of roads.

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Ekbäck, P., & Kjaer Christensen, F. (2020). Road Management in Denmark and Sweden: A comparison and analysis of institutional designs. Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research, 15(1), 38-55.