Kompleksisuustieteet sotatieteellisessä tutkimuksessa – järkevä suunta vai harhapolku?


  • Tom Hanén
  • Harri Raisio


The interest in the paradigm of complexity has steadily increased over the last decade. is can be seen, for example, as a signi cant increase in the number of academic publications covering complexity. Through the complexity perspective, researchers are striving to discover novel ways of understanding and operating in the dynamic and complex environment. e paradigm of complexity has also raised doubts among researchers. It has been asked whether complexity is truly o ering a new perspective, or is it just “old wine in a new bottle”. In this article, it is asserted that the critique is partially justi ed and the paradigm of complexity is in a need of systematic clari cation. We aim for clari cation by focusing on the utility of complexity worldview in military science. However, in Finnish military science complexity has so far remained a marginal theoretical approach. By analyzing complexity research done in English-language military science, we aim to build up and bring value to the complexity strand within the Finnish military science. As a research method, a narrative review was chosen. We conclude that the complexity paradigm within military science is not a misstep, but a relevant perspective which in the near future can give important new insights of war and warfare.





Hanén, T., & Raisio, H. (2017). Kompleksisuustieteet sotatieteellisessä tutkimuksessa – järkevä suunta vai harhapolku?. Tiede Ja Ase, 75. Noudettu osoitteesta https://journal.fi/ta/article/view/67726