Tunteella metsään – eläytymismenetelmällinen tutkimus oppimistapahtuman tunteista sotaharjoituksessa

  • Marko Ruuskanen
  • Soili Paananen


Emotions and learning – together or separately? The main purpose of this article is to sort out what kind of meanings the emotions have in learning. The article especially shows what kind of emotions persons experience in a typical learning environment in Finnish Defense Forces. Article also demonstrates what the meanings of emotions in learning situation are and what things affect to those emotions. The narrative passive role-playing method, which can also be called the method of empathy-based stories is used as a research method. In this method the informant is asked to write a short story according to the researcher’s instructions. The results indicate that emotions are part of successful learning processes. The more we can impress our emotions the more we learn. They also indicate that the most important factors that are connected to a positive learning are the instructors’ or teachers’ own performance, team spirit and atmosphere.

Ruuskanen, M., & Paananen, S. (2019). Tunteella metsään – eläytymismenetelmällinen tutkimus oppimistapahtuman tunteista sotaharjoituksessa. Tiede Ja Ase, 76. Noudettu osoitteesta https://journal.fi/ta/article/view/77546