Uusi-ilmeinen Uuden testamentin suomennos


  • Aila Mielikäinen Jyväskylän yliopisto


Uusi testamentti, Uusi testamentti 2020, Käännöstyö, Raamatunkäännös, Kieliasu, Sanasto, Suomen kieli


The New Look of the New Testament in Finnish — The language of the 2020 Finnish translation of the New Testament (UT2020) departs from previous Finnish translations in two ways: it has been published to be read or listened to solely in a digital format, and the aim has been to render the text in a modern style that is accessible to young people. Phonology, morphology, and syntax follow the norms of formal written Finnish, not, for instance, those of the language used by young people. Sentence and clause structures are simple, but natural stress and a lively rhythm have been achieved with varying word order. Some of the special terminology of old biblical language has been omitted or reduced, but central concepts of Christianity have mainly been retained. The translation also includes a great number of words and phrases that, up until now, have not been used in Finnish translations of scripture. The style has, in places, been coloured with expressions that might be considered colloquial or humorous.