Thanatos and the Passion for Transformation


  • GRACE JANTZEN † University of Manchester



In this paper I shall restrict myself to an exploration of three theoretical accounts of violence that have been offered in relation to religion, with specific reference to the question of how that violence could be transformed. What is the relationship between creativity and violence? How does newness enter the world, the newness that is needed if there is to be transformation of the violence of the present world order? None of the thinkers whose ideas of violence I shall consider has much to say about beauty or creativity. However, I shall argue that although beauty is ignored in their work, just as it has regularly been pushed to the margins in the Bible, andin the theology of Christendom, it still offers a place of resistance from which violence can be challenged. In the final section of this paper I shall begin an exploration of what that entails.




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JANTZEN †, G. (2006). Thanatos and the Passion for Transformation. Temenos - Nordic Journal for the Study of Religion, 42(1).