Connected with God: Body, the social, and the transcendent

  • Minna Opas
  • Anna Haapalainen
Keywords: Christianity, Protestantism, senses, body, social


The special issue Connected with God: Body, the Social, and the Transcendent addresses the very topical question of the architecture of religious, especially Christian, experiences. Specifically, it examines the processes in which Christians experience the connection with, and gain knowledge of, God in and through the body, and, in particular, the role of social relatedness and morality in generating and informing these experiences. The issue challenges the view of an individual subjective relationship with God, and argues that Christian experiences of God’s presence are not solely a matter of an individual’s relationship with the divine but are very much made possible, guided, and conceptualised through corporeal relationships with social others – believers and other fellow-humans. Through detailed ethnographic and historical examination, the issue also addresses the question of whether and how the form of Christianity practised influences people’s experiences of divine presence.

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Opas, M., & Haapalainen, A. (2016). Connected with God: Body, the social, and the transcendent. Temenos - Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion, 52(2), 179-192.