Theory in the Interstices

Queering and Transing Religious Studies, Religioning Trans and Queer Studies




Queer, Trans, Transgender, Religious studies


Religious studies, queer studies, and transgender studies have long kept their distance from each other for reasons ranging from benign neglect and ignorance to active hostility. Yet scholars working in the interstices between these fields have spent decades developing gay and lesbian studies in religion and queer studies in religion. Strassfeld (2018) has argued for transing the study of religion, and transgender studies in religion is experiencing marked growth partly in response to his call. Nevertheless, although queer and transgender studies in religion are gaining increasing acceptance in religious studies, scholars outside of these subfields still generally consider them inessential to the field as a whole, and many continue either to ignore queer and trans topics and perspectives or to address them solely in the most limited of terms. Queer and trans studies, for their part, largely still ignore or actively dismiss religion, addressing the topic only in simplistic ways that would make any religionist cringe. How, then, are those of us who live in these interstitial spaces, cringing at the infelicities of all three fields, to demonstrate the richness of the intellectual soil in this space not just for ourselves but for the larger fields? This work argues for the critical necessity of developing theory from the interstices between religious studies, queer studies, and trans studies – a task already begun by such scholars as Janet Jakobsen, Ann Pellegrini, Jasbir Puar, Ashon Crawley, Max Strassfeld, Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley, and Yannik Thiem – and suggests specific areas in which such theoretical work has particular potential to alter queer theory, trans and gender theory, and religious studies theory as a whole.

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Melissa M. Wilcox, University of California, Riverside

Melissa M. Wilcox Professor and Holstein Family and Community Chair Department Chair Department of Religious Studies Affiliated Faculty, Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies




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Wilcox, M. M. (2020). Theory in the Interstices: Queering and Transing Religious Studies, Religioning Trans and Queer Studies. Temenos - Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion, 56(1), 119–146.