Dry sliding friction and wear behavior of hybrid glass - carbon fiber reinforced PA66/PTFE composites

  • Rudresh B M Government Engineering College, K R Pet- 51426, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, India
  • Ravikumar B N Bangalore Institue of Technology, Bangalore - 560004, India
  • Madhu D Government Engineering College, Ramanagaram, Karnataka, India
Keywords: PA66/PTFE, dry slide, hybrid, Glass – carbon, frictional effects


The tribological response and the frictional effects in dry sliding wear behaviour of hybrid Glass –Carbon composites under the action of sliding load and sliding velocity was studied. The material systems considered for the investigation were PA66/PTFE blend (80/20 wt. %), Blend(PA66/PTFE)/10 wt.% short glass fiber (SGF), Blend (PA66/PTFE)/10 wt.% short carbon fiber (SCF) and Blend (PA66/PTFE)/10 wt.% SGF/10 wt.% SCF (GC).These composites were produced using melt mixing method through extrusion and followed by injection molding. The experimentation was conducted as per ASTM G99 method. The experimentation data revealed that the significant wear resistance was exhibited by Glass-Carbon hybrid composites under the action of all the test parameters. This is attributed to the hybrid effect of fibres which may restrict the early reaching of softening point of polymers thereby preventing melting wear. Further, the formation of uniform and defined transfer polymer substrate on the steel disc surface reduced the frictional effects. Further, Blend/SCF composites were better than Blend/SGF composites. The composites studied were sensitive to applied normal load compared to velocity. The combined matrix and fiber wear were credited to the critical wear volume loss. Fiber misalignment, matrix deformation, melting wear and fiber peeling were some of the failure mechanisms observed in the morphological study of hybrid composites through SEM images.

Peer reviewed articles
Oct 1, 2020
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B M, R., B N , R., & D, M. (2020). Dry sliding friction and wear behavior of hybrid glass - carbon fiber reinforced PA66/PTFE composites. Tribologia - Finnish Journal of Tribology, 37(1−2), 15−25. https://doi.org/10.30678/fjt.88615