Foreword No 1−2 (2020)

  • Vuokko Heino


Greetings from the Editor!

Hope you have all enjoyed your summer holidays and are feeling full of energy at the moment. We have faced quite extraordinary times in spring and quite many of us are still working from remote offices with challenges to combine family life and work routines. Remember that with these extraordinary times also extraordinary possibilities are rising.  Quite many new businesses are booming and some new strategic research funding has been released.

The Finnish Society for Tribology has postponed the seminar “Better performance by Polymers” until May 2021. We are waiting the event eagerly and we hope to meet many of our fellow tribologists face to face at that time. In addition, Nordtrib 2020 was postponed to be held in 2022.

Before that me and my editorial team wish that all of you stay safe and healthy.

Enjoy reading our latest issue!

Vuokko Heino
Editor-in-Chief of Finnish Journal of Tribology

Oct 1, 2020
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