Considering the informational needs of social work in the information system Apotti


  • Susi Salovaara University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland


social work, information systems, information management [], information administration []


Information systems have become a key part of social work. Social work information systems are used to produce information for different parties, such as clients, employees, managers and decision makers. Considering the different informational needs in the information system is a challenging task that requires both knowledge of social work and of the operating environment of the information system.

The study examines how social work informational needs have been interpreted, identified and resolved during the development phase of the information system. The subject of the study was the social welfare application of the Apotti information system. The research data consist of focus group interviews of specialists who participated in the development of Apotti social welfare application. The data were analysed using a theory-guided content analysis.

The results describe how the requirements set by the informational needs of social work for the information system identified in the Apotti project emphasise the utilisability, comprehensiveness and timeliness of information from the perspectives of client-oriented social work, work process management, knowledge management and knowledge-based social work. The information system must support the perception of relevant information, the monitoring of work tasks, data-driven management and the strengthening of the knowledge basis of social work, as well as secure communication between clients and professionals. The competent and coherent use of the information system is a critical factor for the realisation of the intended benefits and emphasises the importance of adequate training of the users of the information system.


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