Health Game project experiences


  • Miika Kajanus Faculty of Business, Tourism, and Culture, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Kuopio
  • Pirkko Kouri Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Kuopio


functional capacity, rehabilitation, prevention, digital games, playfields


When we combined concepts of own motivation and addictivety of digital games, the Health ProPeli (Health
ProGame) program was born! Aim of the program is to study the use of gaming technologies, digital- and physical innovations and gamification in health care, functional capacity and rehabilitation. Game mechanics could help people to get motivation for preventive healthcare, managing their own treatment and getting better results in general. The study is conducted on 6 different ’playfields’. Six different playfields have mapped user scenarios and operating conditions. Students have been in main role, while enterprises and experts are guiding work. Based on the different game concepts, demos and prototypes have been produced for different environments. Some of the demo versions have already been used in tests. The concept of playfields is proved to be promising environments enabling fast prototyping and testing and allowing patients, students and experts from different sectors to straightforward co-creation. More than one hundred students, fifty users and 20 experts from health care, design, technology and business sectors have been involved and participated. Along the development process four joint Game Jams were organized.


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