Suomen lääkemääräysten seurannan ensimmäiset yksitoista kuukautta vuonna 2017


  • Vesa Jormanainen THL
  • Harri Nurmi THL
  • Riitta Konttinen THL
  • Kristian Sandler Kela
  • Jussi Lemmetty Kela
  • Marina Lindgren Kela


Avainsanat: sähköinen lääkemääräys, resepti, Kelain, Kanta-palvelut Keywords: electronic prescribing, prescriptions, Kanta Services, electronic prescriptions [], electronic prescribing, Kanta Services


Electronic prescription is mandatory in Finland since 1 January, 2017. A physician or a dentist can issue a written or a telephone prescription under exceptional circumstances, and the reason for issuing must be given. Because of the administrative nationwide change it was the first time possible to find out prescription volume in Finland. Written and telephone prescriptions were typed in to the national Prescription Centre at the 815 pharmacies. Electronic prescriptions were sent to the Prescription Centre (ePrescription Service) from electronic patient data systems, or Kelain web prescription service. Data from the Prescription Centre were extracted from 1 January till 30 November, 2017. There were 29.477 Million (100%) new electronic prescriptions, of which 96.6% were from electronic patient data systems and 1.0% from Kelain web service. Altogether 0.375 Million (1.3%) prescriptions were typed in at the pharmacies, of which 0.246 Million (0.8%) were written and 0.122 Million (0.4%) telephone prescriptions. Approximately half of the prescriptions typed in at the pharmacies were written prescriptions that were issued because of a technical failure. In this study we report the first time prescription volume in Finland. All the prescriptions in the national Prescription Centre are electronic, and only 1.3% of the prescriptions were typed in at the pharmacies in the first eleven months since the electronic prescription became mandatory 1 January, 2017. Written prescriptions were issued because a technical failure occurred in local or areal data or software systems.


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Jormanainen, V., Nurmi, H., Konttinen, R., Sandler, K., Lemmetty, J., & Lindgren, M. (2018). Suomen lääkemääräysten seurannan ensimmäiset yksitoista kuukautta vuonna 2017. Finnish Journal of EHealth and EWelfare, 10(2-3), 200–209.