Johtamisen hyvät käytännöt sähköisten omahoitopalveluiden käyttöönotossa


  • Sari Kujala Aalto University
  • Iiris Hörhammer
  • Minna Ervast
  • Heta Kolanen
  • Minna Rauhala


eHealth services, self-care [], self-management, implementation, leadership, survey, interview


The ODA (Self-Treatment and Digital Value Services) and Virtuaalisairaala 2.0 projects develop new eHealth services for citizens in Finland. eHealth services change health professionals’ work and professionals often resist change. The successful implementation of eHealth services from planning and piloting to the organizational adoption requires that the changes are systematically incorporated within organizational practices. In this study, we reviewed the existing literature and collected experiences of the ODA and Virtuaalisairaala 2.0 projects to identify good implementation practices and understand their use. First, we collected survey-based data from supervisors and leaders who worked in the 14 health care organizations participating in the ODA project. The supervisors and leaders were asked about their expectations about the implementation of the ODA services. Second, we interviewed four project managers or coordinators about their experiences of implementing services developed in the Virtuaalisairaala 2.0 project. The results suggest that the experiences of the implementing practices supporting successful eHealth service adoption are similar in the Finnish eHealth projects and in international studies. For example, the identified good practices were communicating clear visions and goals for service adoption, leadership support, informing about service implementation and its benefits, and user participation in planning. According the ODA survey results, good implantation practices were not very widely used in Finnish health organizations. The research results give advice for implementing teams, leaders and supervisors how to support systematic implementation leading to successful outcomes. Supervisors have an important role in institutionalization of eHealth services and the identified implementation practices will be used in developing training materials for them.


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Kujala, S., Hörhammer, I., Ervast, M., Kolanen, H., & Rauhala, M. (2018). Johtamisen hyvät käytännöt sähköisten omahoitopalveluiden käyttöönotossa. Finnish Journal of EHealth and EWelfare, 10(2-3), 221–235.