Lapsus-tutkimushanke: Näkökulmia lapsiperheen potilaskokemukseen



  • Johanna Kaipio
  • Hanna Stenhammar
  • Nina Karisalmi
  • Susanna Immonen
  • Marko Nieminen
  • Mika P Nieminen
  • Petri Mannonen
  • Lauri Litovuo
  • Leena Aarikka-Stenroos
  • Pekka Lahdenne


patient experience, children’s hospital, child patient, child-oriented healthcare, research projects []


Patient experience of children, adolescents and their families has been studied only a little. Patient experience is a multidimensional and ambiguous concept and thus, it is challenging to define and measure.

Lapsus research project investigates the perspectives of pediatric patients and their families on hospital visits, received care and services, and the everyday life with the illness. The project is funded by Tekes and is closely related to the design of the New Children’s Hospital. Lapsus is a joint project of two universities, Aalto University and Tampere University of Technology, and three children’s hospitals, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Oulu University Hospital and Turku University Hospital.

The aim of the research project is to promote that the experiences of the families with pediatric patients are taken into consideration when constructing new hospitals and improving healthcare services. From the scientific standpoint, the key objectives include describing the dimensions of patient experience from the perspectives of pediatric patients and their families, developing methodology and instrumentation for monitoring patient experience and value creation, and linking patient experience data to continuous improvement.

The project consists of several sub-studies: A) The dimensions of the patient experience and patient journeys of families with pediatric patients, B) Questionnaires for measuring the patient experience of parents, C) Video diary as an instrument for studying the patient experience of adolescents, D) Photo elicitation method for studying children’s patient experience, E) Ecosystem’s role in patient experience, F) Collecting and utilizing patient feedback in children’s hospital.

The research methods developed in the Lapsus project together with the practical experiences gained from the studies, help to understand which issues are meaningful and valuable for the patients and how patient experience data can be collected and utilized to improve the services of children’s hospital.


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