Sähköisen moniammatillisen kotiutuslistan kehittäminen sairaalasta kotiutuksen tueksi

  • Anne Maritta Kuusisto Satakunnan sairaanhoitopiiri, Pori
  • Anne Joensuu Satakunnan sairaanhoitopiiri, Pori
  • Minna Nevalainen Satakuntaliitto, Pori
  • Terhi Pakkanen Satakunnan sairaanhoitopiiri, Pori
  • Paula Ranne Satakunnan sairaanhoitopiiri, Pori
  • Juha Puustinen Satakunnan sairaanhoitopiiri, Helsingin yliopisto


To promote effective and safe patient discharge, it is necessary to harmonize discharge practices and improve the content of the electronic nursing discharge summary. The use of a discharge checklist can improve the continuity and quality of patient’s care. It helps to remind of the essential things that are relevant to the continuity of care during the care period and can used in, for example, the compilation of an electronic nursing discharge summary.


In this article we describe the development of the content of a multiprofessional discharge checklist into the nursing documentation system in order to harmonize the recording of the patient’s admission and care period as a result of co-operation between literature and professionals (n = 82) working in specialized health care, primary care and social work.

The discharge checklist included some of the key issues for safe patient discharge that emerged from the literature, the available paper discharge checking list examples and multiprofessional workgroups. The discharge checklist was piloted at Satakunta Hospital District. Piloting was carried out in three central hospital wards (lung diseases, internal medicine, neurology) and at the elderly psychiatry and rehabilitation wards in paper format, after which the information content was transferred into an electronic form into Efficais nursing documentation system as part of the patient’s clinical care plan.

Keywords: Continuity of care, discharge, checklist, structured documentation, nursing discharge summary
Scientific articles
Mar 10, 2019
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Kuusisto, A., Joensuu, A., Nevalainen, M., Pakkanen, T., Ranne, P., & Puustinen, J. (2019). Sähköisen moniammatillisen kotiutuslistan kehittäminen sairaalasta kotiutuksen tueksi. Finnish Journal of EHealth and EWelfare, 11(1-2), 38-52. https://doi.org/10.23996/fjhw.70465