Archaeological Survey of the Outer Islands of the Gulf of Finland in 2019


  • Maria A. Razzak


In 2019, an expedition of the Institute for the History of Material Culture (IIMK) RAS conducted archaeological surveys on the following islands in the archipelago of Vneshniye Ostrova (Outer Islands, Finnish: Suomenlahden ulkosaaret) in the Gulf of Finland: Moshchny Island (Lavansaari), Maly (Peninsaari), Seskar (Seiskari) and Yuzhny Virgin (Itä-Viiri). Familiar sites were re-examined and new ones were revealed. On Moshchny Island, a cairn, a burial ground, a Bronze Age – Early Iron Age settlement, a stone foundation of a church of the Modern Period and a group of stone heaps were discovered. On Yuzhny Virgin island, stone structures including labyrinths, circles and heaps of stone were examined. The studied sites are culturally close to the antiquities of the northern littoral of the Gulf of Finland (the Vyborg region of Leningrad oblast and southeastern Finland).