Choral chant organized as homophony


  • Eugene Kindler


Like the titles of other conference papers, this one should express the kernel of the paper; however the kernel is not the objective of the paper: the objective concerns a way to solve a contradiction that appears in producing “modern” Christian liturgical chants, while the kernel concerns certain musical “technology” (syntax), i.e. musically formal properties that one can recommend to realize the objective. The objective is spefically to make new liturgical chants that it is really possible to sing currently in a sincere, simple and humble way as integral components of the liturgy, and sounding as representatives of music which has arisen lately after the epoch of famous authors such as Bach, Mozart, Bortniansky or Hristov. The culture (and not only culture) of the present time is generally considered as distant from Christian spirituality and so there is no true and general musical expression of this spiritually; thus to formulate any possible means for carrying out the objective seems impossible.

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Kindler, Eugene. 2020. “Choral Chant Organized As Homophony”. Journal of the International Society for Orthodox Music 3 (January):185-90.