The Dichotomy of Branding

Discourses in the Orthodox Church of Finland




Orthodox Church, Branding, Finland, Communication


This article investigates branding in the Orthodox Church of Finland. How does the Orthodox Church discuss its public image, and how does the theoretical lens of branding add to this discussion? In this study church communication workers were interviewed, and church strategies examined. The results indicate that discourses within churches are diverse and even contradictory. In the identified discourses the authenticity of the church is defended and the improper nature of marketing is asserted. At the same time marketing techniques are considered useful: marketing strategies employ public image and visibility. Based on Beyer, it is suggested that interviewees place a greater emphasis on church function. Moreover, this article discusses how identified discourses contribute to a broader discussion of the Orthodox Church’s relationship with modernity.

Author Biography

Laura Kokkonen, University of Helsinki

is a doctoral researcher in the Study of Religions at the University of Helsinki, Finland.




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Kokkonen, L. . (2022). The Dichotomy of Branding: Discourses in the Orthodox Church of Finland. Temenos - Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion, 58(1), 91–117.