Foreword No 3−4 (2022)


  • Vuokko Heino Editor-in-Chief


Dear Readers,

Year 2022 is at it’s end and it has been, once again, an extraordinary year. Energy and energy savings has been on the focus which is strengthening the demand for better tribological solutions. Material performance can be improved with sophisticated tribological solutions, not to mention the lower energy consumption due to the lower friction for example. These themes and their importance are widely recognized. However, they are rarely understand as tribological issues – while the term is not that familiar to the most of us. This is one of the key issues for the existence of Tribologia-journal – to spread the joyful message of tribology and to increase the common knowledge of the field in the society.

In this issue, we have been fortunate to receive journal articles from the recent studies related to tribology. Also, we received publications which were presented in the previous Nordtrib conference, held in Norway (Ålesund). We would like to thank our authors for contributing our journal.

Next year, we as a journal, will start our journey towards our fifth decade. Officially we have received the middle age. Current editorial team would like kindly thank the previous editorial teams for all their efforts. At the very beginning of the journey of this journal, the amount of work required to publish an issue has been quite high. Thanks to our previous editorial teams and their contributions, we have already a long history in publishing which we are proudly continuing.

Thank you for reading and wish you have prosperous New Year 2023!

Vuokko Heino




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