Transmission fluids for heavy-duty vehicles


  • Anders Pettersson
  • Rikard Mäki


In order to further improve the performance and efficiency of automatic power-shift transmissions for heavyduty applications such as trucks and construction equipment, transmission fluid development is an important activity. There are several different approaches on how to design and lubricate power-shift transmissions. With the correct selection of lubricant extended drain in combination with increased efficiency will result in a reduction of life-cycle cost, and at the same time reduce the environmental impact of the vehicles.

In this paper different transmission fluids, with a focus on ATFs, are presented together with some of their respective advantages and disadvantages. Fluid performance in several different areas such as shear stability, frictional performance and gear protection are presented. Also, industry trends in the ATF market regarding standards and product diversification are discussed from a global OEMs point of view, including information on Volvo’s approach to transmission oil specifications.

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