Foreword No 3 (2023)


  • Vuokko Marjamaa


Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure to introduce you our latest issue – special issue related to the history of tribology in Finland and our Finnish society for Tribology. The article has been written by group of honorable tribologists who have been contributing to our society over the years. 

The article tributes the first steps of tribology related research in Finland, well before the term tribology was brought to the day light by Jost report in 1966. After the foundation of the Finnish Society for Tribology in 1977, the tribology related research was more recognized in both academia and industry. The aim of the Finnish Society of Tribology is to support the tribology related research and development in order to increase the knowledge related to the field. One of the ways have been publishing tribology related peer reviewed research papers in our own journal – Tribologia.

Personally I like to thank authors for their contributions not only to this valuable piece of history but also for their valuable contributions to our tribology society over the past years and years to come.

Enjoy reading our latest issue,

Vuokko Marjamaa




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