Foreword No 4 (2023)


  • Vuokko Marjamaa


Dear Readers,

As the year is nearing its end, we are publishing our latest issue for you to explore.

This current issue is the second issue to be published during December. On 1st of December, we published our special issue related to the history of tribology in Finland and the Finnish Society for Tribology. What made the publishing special was the fact we published it together during our history seminar held in Espoo. During our seminar we had joyful time remembering the old times. I believe we all got younger by years.

The issue we are publishing today contains interesting topics related to the tribology and tribology related research which combines the tribology to Hall-Patch effect for example.

We want to thank our authors for their contributions and hope the next year will be prosperous for us all.

All the best,

Vuokko Marjamaa




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