Abrasion resistance of selected commercially available polymer materials


  • V Pejaković
  • R Jisa
  • F Franek


ASTM G 65 abrasive tester, quartz sand, three body abrasion, polymer


The aim of this investigation was to examine several types of commercially available polymers for potential application in machine elements that are exposed to abrasion. Selected materials were evaluated on a rubber and steel wheel abrasion test rig according to the standard ASTM G65, using as abrasive quartz sand (SiO2) as abrasive, with a particle grain size in the range of 0.8 – 1.6 mm. Tests were performed under dry conditions and at room temperature. Applied load was 50 N, within testing times of 1½, 3, 4½, and 6 hours respectively. Results of testing revealed influence on wear behavior of polymer hardness as well as influence of abrasive particle embedment.

Peer reviewed articles



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Pejaković, V., Jisa, R., & Franek, F. (2015). Abrasion resistance of selected commercially available polymer materials. Tribologia - Finnish Journal of Tribology, 33(1), 21–27. Retrieved from https://journal.fi/tribologia/article/view/69241