Pala Viipuria uuteen kotiin


  • Maarit Sireni



A piece of Vyborg in the new home

The article analyses how ceded Vyborg has been made visible in the material culture of the homes of people who left and settled elsewhere in Finland. The study focuses on the pictures and objects representing the place of origin and their meanings for the narrators. The analysis utilises concepts from social and cultural geography, and research on homes and the material culture of homes as a way of remembering. The findings are also mirrored in previous studies on the sense of place of migrant Karelians. The material used is an ethnographic survey conducted by the National Board of Antiquities in 1982. The empirical part of the article describes what kind of objects writers with Vyborg backgrounds tell about and how Vyborg is reflected in their new homes. This is followed by a more detailed look at the memoirs of three women who left Vyborg. These shed light on both the meanings of origin and on the pro- cesses of homelessness, and the formation of a sense of home among displaced Karelians during the decades of reconstruction.





Sireni, M. (2021). Pala Viipuria uuteen kotiin. Viipurin Suomalaisen Kirjallisuusseuran toimitteita, 23(23), 104–127.