About the Journal

The journal "Architectural Research in Finland" (ARF) has grown out of the annual symposia organized by the three schools of architecture in Finland, The Department of Architecture in Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology School of Architecture and Oulu School of Architecture. These symposia have turned out to be very important for scholars in architectural research in Finland, as an overview of the work that is done in the three universities with international connections, but also as a forum for publishing the results of ongoing projects and doctoral dissertations. After the 7th symposium, the organizing universities decided to establish a new journal of Architectural Research in Finland (ARF) that will publish research of high quality with systematic editing and peer review.

Most of the articles will still come out of the annual symposium, but the journal is also open to other contributions and thematic issues. The articles are mainly published in English, but national languages are also an option.

The first issue (ARF vol 1, no.1) was published in December 2017, as a completed publication including eight interesting double-blind peer-reviewed articles and three high-class keynote speech articles from the symposium in 2015, held at Aalto University.

In May 2018 ARF was ranked at Level 1 (basic) in the Finnish Publication Forum classification system.