Driving in/between Places: Rhythms, Urban Spaces and Everyday Driving Routes


  • Jani Tartia Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture


rhythm, mobility, driving, place-making, everyday life, rhythmanalysis


The use of the private car is one of the key factors that have shaped the contemporary urban milieu and daily life in the city. The paper examines what kind of temporal relations are produced between the driver and the environment in the context of habitual everyday driving routes. The data – utilizing go-along interviews, participant-produced visual material and recorded videos of drives – is examined by focusing on the temporal character of the routes by utilizing a ‘rhythmanalytical’ framework. The analysis examines ways in which spatial rhythms are produced and interacted with in and beyond the car-space. Focusing on the rhythmicities of everyday driving routes – as sites of everyday life and contexts for the urban experience – uncovers relations, experiences and meanings embedded in these mobile spaces and practices.




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