Thermal imaging in skin trauma evaluation: observations by CAT S60 mobile phone


  • Jarmo Alametsä
  • Markku Oikarainen
  • Jarmo Perttunen
  • Jari Viik
  • Annikki Vaalasti


Thermal imaging, Wound infection, diabetes []


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the usability of a mobile phone with inbuilt thermal camera in wound imaging for medical purposes. Thermal imaging could help in evaluating wound healing and in assisting doctors in diagnose making. By using CAT S60 smart phone with an inbuilt Flir thermal camera, thermal pictures from skin wounds and lower limbs were taken from six people in order to find out if thermal imaging could help the treatment and diagnosis of a patient. Thermal images were taken in order to find and visualize temperature changes (being normally invisible) in skin damage areas including deep skin damages especially from limbs and extremities.

By using thermal imaging the beginning of treatment could be hastened and the monitoring of the state of a patient would be more efficient thus improving the prognosis of a patient. The thermal pictures taken from skin damages suggest that thermal imaging with CAT S60 smart phone can be used to improve nursing methods and may also help in diagnosis. Non-invasive thermal imaging may be a valuable asset and for its part hasten the beginning of treatment. The resolution and properties of CAT S60 smart phone was sufficient to detect skin damage temperature changes. This may suggest the usage of the CAT S60 smart in hospital, emergency ward and in home care services.


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Alametsä, J., Oikarainen, M., Perttunen, J., Viik, J., & Vaalasti, A. (2018). Thermal imaging in skin trauma evaluation: observations by CAT S60 mobile phone. Finnish Journal of EHealth and EWelfare, 10(2-3), 192–199.