(Not) Learning to teach mathematics


  • Leila Pehkonen University of Helsinki
  • Solange Amorim Amato University of Brazilia


In Brazil, future pre- and primary school teachers are educated in a 4-year undergraduate program calledPedagogy”. In the Faculty of Education at the University of X, the present curriculum of the Pedagogy program started in the year 2001 and it included a much stronger focus than the previous curriculum on preparing Student Teachers (STs) to perform research. Eight new compulsory Research-Based Project Course Components (RBPCCs) were included. This study presents some preliminary findings concerning the STs’ experiences about the 2001 curriculum and how it has contributed to becoming primary school (mathematics) teachers.



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Pehkonen, L., & Amato, S. A. (2018). (Not) Learning to teach mathematics. FMSERA Journal, 2(1), 100–110. Retrieved from https://journal.fi/fmsera/article/view/69850



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