Reading the landscape: A re-examination of the Brobacka multiperiod settlement and burial site in Raasepori, Southern Finland


  • Päivi Maaranen


This article presents the re-examination of the Brobacka multiperiod settlement and burial site. The site, which was discovered in the1960s, was subjected to several excavations during the second half of the 20th century. Following these studies, the site was dated back to the Early Iron Age. The Brobacka tenant farm and other archaeological remains of the historic settlement were also dated back to the Modern Period. The field survey in 2017 raised the poor level of the original studies of the historical sources and maps concerning the site. Thus, the re-examination was a form of archaeology that used written records and historical maps to complement the archaeological evidence found at the site. The study offered fresh insight and provided new information. There seemed to be later prehistoric re-use of the Early Iron Age grave. There were also apparently the Kegerbacka tenant farm on the site dating back to the Early Modern Period and the Kärrbacka village in the same place dating back to the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period.